Important Plan Information

The Carpenters' Pension Trust Fund of Kansas City became effective on April 1, 1968 and it has been amended from time to time since contributions from employers began. The purpose of the Plan is to provide retirement income for carpenters who work a number of years under the terms of the collective bargaining agreements. If you work in such covered employment for enough years you may qualify for benefits as described in the Summary Plan Description.

Board of Trustees: A Board of Trustees is responsible for the operation of this Plan. The Board of Trustees consists of Employer and Union representatives selected by the Employers and the Union, which have entered into collective bargaining agreements, which relate to this Plan. Click here to contact the Board of Trustees

Plan Sponsor and Administration: The Board of Trustees is both the Plan Sponsor and Plan Administrator.

Identification Number: The number assigned to this Plan by the Board of Trustees pursuant to instructions of the Internal Revenue Service is 001. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned to the Board of Trustees by the Internal Revenue Service is 43-6108379.

Statement of Rights Under Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

Important Reminders

  • Save your Summary Plan Description booklet.
  • Tell your family, particularly your spouse, about the booklet and its location.
  • If you have lost your booklet, you may request another copy from the Fund Office or download one here.
  • Notify the Fund Office approximately six months in advance of the date you plan to retire.

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